College Recruitment

Golden State Soccer Club has a single focus; preparing our players to achieve their college soccer aspirations. Instead of a traditional mass-market approach, Golden State Soccer Club has developed a personalized approach to college recruitment process. GSSC develops and maintains relationships with college coaches at all levels, university presidents, and directors of admissions.  Our players have direct access to our contacts throughout the recruitment process.

Through these ongoing relationships, we are able to help our players find the best collegiate fit for their academic and athletic skill set. With all our 2018 graduates currently playing on the collegiate pitch, and all of our 2019’s recruited into university soccer programs, Golden State SC has helped our players earn academic/soccer scholarship monies in excess of $1.0 million. We expect to be a key part in our players earning another $1 – $1.5 million in academic/soccer scholarships through 2021.

The behind-the-scenes work with universities is just part of our college soccer recruitment model. GSSC’s DOC, Ozzie White, Head Coach of Graceland University Women’s Soccer, has designed GSSC’s Club experience to mirror the university soccer experience. Players are exposed to training, travel, and game experiences that mirror the university soccer experience. Coach White has guided GSSC’s university preparation priorities; top-notch facilities, a schedule that blankets the country and includes international competitions, cutting-edge training techniques, multi-age rostering, and full team immersion tournament experiences.

GSSC players are ready academically, physically, psychologically, and emotionally for the university soccer experience!

The NAIA University

While Golden State SC management has relationships with universities at all levels, the most impressive financial packages our players have earned has come from NAIA universities. Why NAIA? Check-out these statistics!