Frequently asked questions


Golden State Soccer Club (GSSC) is a member of both US Club Soccer and Cal South (California State Soccer Association – South) and is a nonprofit organization chartered to promote youth soccer. GSSC was formed to facilitate the progressive development of youth soccer through organization, training, education and to establish and promote a single, multi-age college development team. GSSC offers advance-level training, comprehensive college recruitment opportunities, and a meaningful tournament schedule designed to promote both national and international exposure for our players.


Our aim is to not only produce excellent soccer players but also to develop outstanding citizens.. We are committed to 100% of our roster having the opportunity to play soccer at the collegiate level, to graduate with a 4-year degree, and to successfully transition into a career in their post-college years. Additionally, it is our desire to see our players continue their involvement with youth soccer as they move into the adult phase of their lives. They can only play soccer for a limited time but need to be contributors of strong character for the rest of their lives.


  • Committed to skill development as the foundation of our philosophy
  • Provide an enjoyable experience for players, coaches, and parents
  • Provide programs for players and coaches at all levels of skill and commitment


  • The foundation of the GSSC Competitive Program is the coach driven, player centered, educational approach for total player development. Whether your aspiration is to play professionally, earn a college scholarship, be selected for the Olympic Development Program (ODP), or to be a successful club player, our competitive program will help you reach your full potential and achieve personal goals. The curriculum is detail oriented and incorporates the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological elements of the game. Our goal is to produce skilled, motivated, athletic players who will thrive in the competitive cauldron. It will balance individual technical training with functional applications to team tactics. Competitive soccer is for those players whose desire and passion for the game make them want to develop their soccer ability to the highest level they can attain.


  • Year-round commitment
  • Quality soccer facilities – Turf Stadium training facility and College Showcase Tournament pitches
  • Competitive National College Showcase and International Tournaments
  • Competitive, but FUN developmental environment
  • Supervision, advice, encouragement, and instant feedback
  • Safe learning environment
  • Regular Practice dates/times
  • Outstanding Return on Investment of Fees and Time


Players and parents reach a crossroads as they enter their high school freshman year. The focus begins to shift towards future aspirations and opportunities, including the prospect of participating at the College Soccer Level. At GSSC we are geared to expose player’s and parents to many opportunities on offer. The U/15-U/19 player development model includes exposure to higher levels of competition, performance accountability, developing the winning mentality, and the role of the individual and team responsibilities.

Soccer provides many players with opportunities to receive college education as well as continue to play the game at the next level.

It is a common myth that you need to be in the top 10% of ability to receive a college athletic scholarship. There are many levels for male and female athletes. College Soccer can provide the student with financial assistance, instant camaraderie, purpose, and structure in a time of transition from home life to college life.  Golden State Soccer Club uses coaches with college playing experience as well as coaches with both college and club coaching experience. As part of the GSSC Competitive Program we offer in house recruitment training and advice for players with college soccer ambitions.  We have college contacts all over the United States as well as international opportunities for individuals and teams. The program helps educate the players in all aspects of college recruitment, including identification of appropriate college programs based on:

  • Educational needs
  • Geographical location
  • Demographics
  • Suitable soccer program

We provide the players with information on writing resumes, recruitment letters and how to communicate with college coaches. We meet regularly with the player and parents, continually updating the soccer development and level of competition in accordance with the player’s college ambitions.

The GSSC master plan for playing college soccer is an overview of the important events in becoming part of a college soccer program. It reflects the important processes required to successfully achieve a college soccer goal. The plan provides a checklist for freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years as well as educating the player in personal profiling, application organization, and programs of study.


Golden State Soccer Club is committed to the concept of a multi-age roster for its college development team. GSSC’s current roster boasts players with birth years from 1999 to 2003. The multi-age roster concept allows for progressive player development within a single team. Younger players can learn from the experiences of older players, and older players have the opportunity to develop leadership skills in an organic growth environment. Additionally, having teammates already placed on college rosters serves as an effective tool on opening college soccer doors to players entering the recruitment process.


GSSC offers top-level training using proven developmental strategies in a safe but FUN learning environment. Our college-development program enjoys a high level of success through accountability and responsibility. All GSSC consultants, management staff, and coaches are mandated to regularly pursue both National and International professional development opportunities and approved soccer license courses. The coaching staff at GSSC strives to provide a level of excellence in education. GSSC staff engage and participate in the yearly United Soccer Coaches Conferences throughout the USA, as well as the International Coaching Conventions such as Reykjavík, Iceland, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Gothenburg, Sweden.


In the same way that schools and colleges are places of education, Golden State Soccer Club is a long-term learning experience. For the players to fully benefit from experiences they must have a strong desire to learn and develop a mental toughness to succeed. Our staff understands   learning characteristics and break down the stages according to the age and capacity of the players. At Golden State Soccer Club, we build the curriculum to run parallel with the capabilities of the players.

The player’s role in the learning process:

  • You can learn by listening
  • You must listen with interest and enthusiasm
  • You will improve through practice
  • You will learn from facing challenges


Players are a direct product of the environment in which they learn the game. At GSSC we shape the curriculum to teach players to get better by providing constant challenges and exposure to problem solving situations. The players receive supervision, advice, encouragement, and instant feedback in a developmentally appropriate environment. The training sessions and matches should be fun, not stressful, learning moments. Players should be allowed to make mistakes, receive information, and respond in a positive manner to adversity. The curriculum is also designed to meet individual player needs based on age, ability, capacity, potential and ambition.

  • Tactical awareness
  • Simple to complex strategies
  • Small sided games
  • Technical training
  • Speed of play
  • Principles of play
  • Game situations as opposed to training activities
  • Transition
  • Physiological and psychological advice and training
  • Nutritional education
  • Tactical problem solving
  • Dynamic play


GSSC trains at Hemet High School Stadium at 41701 Stetson Ave., Hemet, CA 92544.

  • All tournament matches will be played on College Showcase Tournament quality pitches.


All players will be issued full GSSC professional Adidas kits which include a training uniform, home and away uniforms, and travel uniforms and gear for tournaments and experiences that require air travel – Gothia Cup in Sweden, Colorado Showcase, Showcase KC, College ID Showcase Tourney’s for example.


Golden State Soccer Club, LLC is owned and managed by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteers dedicated to youth soccer. The Board consists of three members who oversee the finances, operations, and annual activities of the club team. An annual meeting is held in January each year to evaluate, plan, and forecast Golden State Soccer Club’s future.  All decisions and operations within the Club follow the guidelines as set by the Cal South YSA and the US Club Soccer Associations.